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FACTS Player Level 📈

Player level ranking

A common feature you will find in FACTS Consultancy products is Player level. Player Level is a ranking of individual players, which objectively measures the added value of each player to the overall team performance, by:

  • Analyzing their impact on the team's winning odds while they are on the pitch.


  • Considering various factors that affect a player’s Player Level such as the strength of the opponent, and his teammates.

Player Level is determined by analyzing changes in a team's winning odds when a player is on the field, adjusted for opponent strength and player actions.

It takes into consideration factors like initial Player Level, teammates' and opponents' levels, and player contributions like goals or assists for precise evaluation. To understand the concept better, consider an example where Sven Botman starts for Newcastle United in a match against Chelsea, where Newcastle’s winning odds rise from 20% to 80% at halftime.

After Botman is substituted for Fabian Schär, Chelsea scores, dropping Newcastle’s odds to 0%. Botman gains a positive increment due to the 60% boost, while Schär’s 80% decrease leads to a negative increment. The Player Level system provides an objective means of assessing a player's impact on their team's performance.

In conclusion, Player Level measures the change in winning probabilities during a match to quantify a player's contributions, making it possible to compare players objectively across different situations, contexts and positions.

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