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The core of our existence is data. All our services rely heavily on data and the intelligence that we extract from it. With the data-science department, it is your job to ensure that the production of our reports and other data insights is 100% available. Next to this, with the addition of new data sources from suppliers and new demands from the market our models have to be updated and upgraded. Moreover, the development of new models that enhance the quality of our product is, together with the team, part of your job. You are the backbone of our company.

We have a strong online presence through our socials. Your job is to create new content with tools like Photoshop, InDesign and Canva and subsequently manage these platforms. We see a lot of possibilities for you to explore and develop new tools within FACTS, next to a personal development in the company.

One of the main services that we provide for clubs is our Present Your Player platform. On that platform, clubs and player agents come together to make the transfer process smoother, better organised, and data-based. The first version of the platform launched in June 2022. Lately we have worked with a UX/UI designer for the designs of the 2.0 version. With our designer, head of Data Science, and lead developer, you will be building the new platform.

If you share our passion and courage to pioneer at the intersection of technology and football, we invite you to reach out and explore joining our mission and team.

It's important to note that we're not simply looking to fill positions - we seek exceptional individuals who are aligned with our vision. As such, our job page doesn't list all available roles, as we believe it's more important to find the right people rather than just filling positions.

We encourage you to apply through our website and include a note explaining what you're looking for and why. You never know, you might just be the talent we're seeking without even realizing it.

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