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Full Report

Full Report

Coach Report

Coach Report

Club Report

Club Report

Physical Data Report

Full Report

FACTS' most popular report. The ideal tool to analyse the best next step for your player.

In our full report, we provide you with an overview of your  Players' Development and an overview of their Event Data statistics. As well as insights into his Transfer Options, based on his current level and playing style. This can be used as a selling tool and an extra quality control in a transfer.

Why use our Full Report?

Player Development

Objective judgement of your players development and  performance.

Transfer Options

Gain more insight about possible club destinations for your player based on his Player Level and Style.

Attract Players

Receive a professional objective and insightful report of potential new players for your agency to show you are invested in their future.

Appreciate clients

Show your current clients that you invest in them and care about their development by providing reports that showcase their development, performance, and transfer options.


Agents should focus on the important things, and let us save you time & money.

Present Players

Our reports offer a professional way to present your players to (foreign) clubs.

Club Report

Showcase your player to clubs. Our club reports are the tool to use during transfer/contract negotiations.

Our Club Reports are the best way to present your player to clubs during transfer or contract negotiations. Show clubs where your player ranks in our transfer analysis, compare your player to his new competitors at his potential new club and where he ranks amongst his new teammates in terms of Player Level.


Showcase your player to a specific club


See where we ranks in his potential new squad


Compare your player to his competitors at his new club


See where the team ranks in our various transfer analysis


Use our analysis as a negotiation tool when speaking to clubs

Physical Data Reports

Get insights your player's physical performance by analysing various physical data metrics. Compare your player to the leagues and competitors of your choice.

What are our Physical Data Reports?

FACTS Physical Reports in collaboration with PFF. Get an overview of your player's physical performance with comprehensive physical metrics like total distance covered, maximum speed and much more. With PFF's coverage across over 40 leagues, agents gain valuable insights into their players' performance relative to peers.

Clubs are often sceptical of signing players from other divisions due to differences in physicality, pace and intensity in different leagues.

In collaboration with PFF, FACTS Physical report allows you to compare your player to various leagues and competitors to show clubs where your players ranks across different metrics. 

Why use our physical reports?

Coach Report

Highlight the specific style of your coach. Our coach report provides a professional way to present the impact a coach has had in the teams he has managed.