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Find My Player

Scouting reports are an essential tool for agents and clubs looking to identify potential new players. These reports provide a list of players who match a specific profile based on age, position, career step, and club. By using scouting reports, clubs and agents can save time and resources by focusing their efforts on players who meet their specific needs and requirements.

Receiving the profile

Clubs send you profiles of the players that they want to sign. These profiles include age, position, role, nationality, statistics, and many more parameters. Finding players that match these profiles is a long and tedious process.


Identifying players

We will find the players that match the profiles the best. With our analysis and algorithms we are able to find the exact players that each club is looking for. On top of that, we find the players for which the step to a new club makes sense. This algorithm is unique to FACTS and ensures the best matched players are provided for you.

Approaching players

Suddenly the tasks becomes less daunting. Once you have the players that match the profile of the club, and where the club is a good next step, all you have to do is approach the players/agents to communicate the interest of the club. Close the deal!



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