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Career Advice

The full report is the most used report of FACTS, where we provide you the Player Development, an overview of the Event Data of a player and his Transfer Options, based on current level and playing style. This can be used as a selling tool and an extra quality control in a transfer.

Player Development

Showing your players that you are invested in them is key. With our reports you can discuss the qualities and points of improvement. We give you an objective judgement of their development and 


Attract Clients

Attracting player to your agency is paramount. 

Receive a professional objective and insightful report of potential new players to show you are invested in their future.

Appreciate Clients

Show your clients that you invest in them and care about their development by providing reports that showcase their development, performance, and transfer options.

Transfer Options

Gain more insight about possible club destinations and the market in terms of his development and playing style. A move to a huge clubs is mostly not realistic and in terms of development not necessarily the best next step.


Agents should focus on the important things, and let us save you time & money.

Present Players

Our reports offer a professional way to present your players to (foreign) clubs. Besides presenting your players to new clubs, the reports are an effective way to use in contract negotiations at their current clubs.

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