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Services for Players

Are you a professional player who wants to invest in yourself?



At FACTS, we now not only make reports for agents and clubs, but also for players themselves. In the reports, we look at the most important statistics regarding a player. Recently we have also added video analysis, which means that we are able to combine what the data tells us with what we see on the pitch. Players can really use this data to develop themselves and to make that extra step so that they are ready for the next level. 

For further information on how it may help you, click here.

Below you can find players who have made use of these services.


Pantelis Hatzidiakos

AZ Alkmaar

'‘It’s interesting to see my areas for improvement based on data. Some things were a confirmation, others were new and surprising. It gives me extra motivation to get better every day.’'


25 Years old - Center Back - Greece

Kees de Boer

"I think it was really interesting. Everything was shown en explained very clearly. It is nice to see what my strenghts and points of improvement are. Even though you often know what your strenghts and weaknesses are, through this analysis I got to see it more detailed and confirmation. Thereby the transfer analysis was very interesting to see."

21 Years old - Central Midfielder- Netherlands

Sam van Huffel

Chojniczanka Chojnice

"I had a very interesting meeting with FACTS. Because of all the data they showed me I know where to improve and what my strengths are."


23 Years old - Midfielder - Netherlands

Sven van Doorm

SC Telstar

"Ofcourse I knew my points of improvement, but it is very interesting to see it in data processed in visuals. Player consultancy confirmed my feelings and gave me insights to keep improving"


24 Years old - Midfielder - Netherlands

Lucas Castaignos

OFI Kreta

"FACTS provides me with insights into how I can improve and develop myself as a player. They do this in a constructive way which makes it easy for me to understand all the data that is being presented."


28 Years old - Striker - Netherlands

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-22 at 13.21_edited.jpg
image (25).png

Lars ten Teije

GVVV Veenendaal

'‘FACTS has shown me with the help of data what I can improve on and what I do well. They compared me to other players of my position and this was very interesting and educational and it's definitely going to help me develop myself.’'


23 Years old - Winger - Netherlands

Raymond Gyasi

FC Noah Erewan

"FACTS allows me to compare myself with other comparable players and see where I stand. I can see what I'm already doing well in and what I need to do better. In addition, the transfer analysis is very interesting to see."


26 Years old - Winger - Ghana / Netherlands

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-07 at 12.44.22.jpeg

Silkeborg IF

"FACTS gave me the opportunity to look at my gameplay in a different way than usual. They show you your weaknesses and strength so you can develop more precisely."


23 Years old - Goalkeeper - Netherlands


"FACTS has developed their own system that provided me with thorough insights about my game and how I compare to other competitors in my position."


22 Years old - Central Midfielder - Netherlands



"With the ambition to get better every day, data is a very useful and an interesting added value to be able to understand the experiences and feelings you have on a pitch."

26 Years old - Goalkeeper - Netherlands

Wout Droste

Go Ahead Eagles

"The report helps me to present myself as a player in a validated way, besides that it is also a strong tool for self-reflection."


32 Years old - Right-Back - Netherlands

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 14.19.06.png
image (20).png

Matthew Steenvoorden

HNK Gorica

"It is interesting to analyse data with FACTS, to be able to determine how you are doing on the pitch"

28 Years old - Central Defender - Netherlands

Mats Knoester

Heracles Almelo

"It is interesting to compare myself with top players on the basis of statistics, to see where I am and where I have to focus on"

22 Years old - Central Defender - Netherlands

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-17 om 10.46.01.png
Schermafbeelding 2021-08-17 om 12.42.31.png

Kevin Jansen


"It’s nice and interesting to see what my numbers are compared to many players I know. I think it’s remarkable to see the amount of passes and received passes explained in numbers." 


29 Years old - Central Midfielder - Netherlands

Edwin Gyasi

Beitar Jerusalem

"It gives me more motivation, new incentive to show more. It is a confirmation that I need to be more involved in the game and that I have to increase my goal involvement." 


30 Years old - Right Winger - Netherlands

Schermafbeelding 2021-09-10 om 14.32.21.png

Pelle Clement

PEC Zwolle

"Interesting to see where I stand compared to other players. I’m very curious about the next time and the differences, hopefully with a positive trend."

25 Years old - Central Midfielder - Netherlands

Nino Roffelsen

"It's interesting to see what my strenghts and weaknesses are compared to other players." 


23 Years old - Central Midfielder- Netherlands

PHOTO-2021-08-30-13-23-25 2.jpg
Schermafbeelding 2021-09-20 om 13.31.38.png

Jurich Carolina

"It is very interesting to see how the analysis kan contribute my play and development." 


23 Years old - Left Back- Netherlands

Rashaan Fernandes

"Good presentation, good overview together with other players also with big names. Nice to see what I am good at compared to top players and what I can improve."

23 Years old - Left Winger- Netherlands


Joël Zwarts

"I had some specific questions I wanted to be answered. FACTS gave me those answers with their data-based analysis"

22 Years old - Left Winger / Centre Forward- Netherlands

Laros Duarte

"I already knew about data in football, but not in this way. It's interesting to see what things I have to improve and what things are going well compared to the top players at my position."

24 Years old - Central Midfielder- Netherlands

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