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Which players should you keep an eye on during a corner?

Timing, aiming, watching your opponent, making sure you are on the spot, and afterwards, celebrating. You have to do everything right to execute it. It can be the most difficult thing to do on the pitch: score a header. Still, every weekend a couple of players manage to score a goal with their heads. At every corner, the best heading defenders will cover the tallest players to avoid them from scoring goals. But does that make sense? Are the tallest players the best headers? In this week’s blog: The most successful headers of the Dutch Eredivisie so far.

Guus Til – Feyenoord

In comparison to the number of attempts with his head, Guus Til scores the most headers. With three headed goals out of five attempts, the Dutch midfielder born in Zambia has a heading success rate of 60%, which is the highest in the Eredivisie so far. He has scored a total of seven goals this season, three of those were headers.

Bryan Linssen – Feyenoord

It is no longer a surprise when you see him score a header. The 1,70-meter-tall striker of Feyenoord ends up at the second place on the list of successful headers. In the meantime, it is commonly known that this man, despite his length, has to be covered by the best heading defenders. But still, from seven attempts, three went in, which gives him a success rate of 43%. With a total of 10 goals so far, Linssen is currently, together with Haller, the top scorer of the Eredivisie.

Henk Veerman – SC Heerenveen

The shortest and the tallest on this list end up on the same spot. Veerman has the exact same numbers as Linssen when it comes to headers. In other words: Lengths does not always say something about someone’s heading skills. On the other hand, we can conclude that most of the players on this list are above the average length of footballers in Europe, which is 1,82 tall. Anyhow, Veerman’s length is far above that average, and he is ranked on a shared second spot on this list with three headed goals out of seven attempts.

Dani de Wit – AZ Alkmaar

The attacking midfielder would be the top scorer of the Eredivisie when only headed goals would count. He has scored four goals with his head so far. De Wit has a total of six goals this season, which gives him the highest Headed goals vs Total goals rate: 66%.

Vangelis Pavlidis – AZ Alkmaar

The 23-year-old Greek international has had some trouble finding his place in the attack of AZ. But last weeks he showed more and more features of the dangerous striker that we have seen at Willem II. With three goals out of ten headers and a success rate of 30%, he just made it to this list. Half of the goals he scored this season, were with his head.

Sebastien Haller – Ajax

While the Ivorian striker is blowing everyone’s mind in Europe, in the Netherlands everyone stays critical. Apparently, an Ajax striker should do more than just score goals. However, his numbers do not lie. With a total of nine goals so far, Haller ends up second on the list of the top-scoring players. 33% of his scored goals were with his head. To achieve this number, it took him 14 tries, which brings his heading success rate to 21%. In the Champions League, Haller has scored ten goals in the group stage, three of those were headers as well.

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