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Which players have the most second assists of the KKD?

We often see players getting their recognition because of statistics. How many goals a striker has scored, or a midfielder with a high number of assists in one season. But what about the players who can create the sp

ace for those who give the assist? Or the players who break the defensive line with a key pass, but do not get the assist because of an extra pass after they set it up? In this week’s blog: The players with the most Second Assists or Pre-Assists so far in the KKD, the Dutch Second League.

Sven Blummel – MVV The 25-year-old right winger Blummel is the number one on the list with five second assists already this season. With his left foot he can create a Hakim Ziyech-esque cross from the right side of the pitch, for his teammates to just tap in the assist or the goal. This is a very common goal in modern football with runs behind the opponents’ defense line, a dangerous weapon. Blummel shows that he is a modern winger, not only with those crosses, but also because some of his pre-assists are a result of the MVV winger coming inside and playing in the center of the pitch. Blummel scored 5 goals in 19 games already this season, with 1 coming directly from his own second assist.

Kay Tejan – TOP Oss The 24-year-old Tejan has, besides his six goals, four second assists already for TOP Oss in his first professional season. With this statistic, the center-forward shows that besides his speed and strength to shield the ball, he also has the vision to give that key pass which sets up his teammates. A great start of the season for the striker who left amateur- side Quick Boys in the summer window to chase after his professional dream.

Gaetano Pio Oristanio – FC Volendam This 19-year-old attacking midfielder is placed third on the list of most second assists this season in the KKD with three second assists. The Italian Oristanio is on loan from Internazionale this season, where he played in the youth academy. He has played in 17 games for FC Volendam so far this season, in which he scored three goals. Oristanio also plays for Italy’s U20 team, where the left-footed midfielder also made three goals so far.

Julian Baas – Excelsior Rotterdam The 19-year-old midfielder already has seven assists so far this season. Add a total of three second assists up to that, and you will immediately see the crucial impact Baas has on his team. Partly because of this right- footed midfielder’s productivity, Excelsior Rotterdam is placed second in the league, just three points behind FC Volendam.

Kian Fitz-Jim – Jong Ajax The youngest player on this list, is the 18-year-old Fitz-Jim. The talented midfielder from Ajax covers a shared 3rd place with a total of three second

assists so far this season. Fitz-Jim already joined Erik ten Hag’s Ajax this pre-season, where he made a good impression. This season he played in 17 matches so far for the second team of Ajax, who are placed 5th at this moment in the KKD. A decent position for the youngest team in the league, with an average age of 18.9 years old.

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