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What is the best next step for Dominic Solanke?

The career of the talented striker started at the youth academy of Chelsea. After playing for the U21’s he played on loan at Vitesse in the Dutch Eredivisie. At Vitesse he developed well, scoring seven goals in 25 games. After his period in Holland ended, Solanke played for the Chelsea U23’s before making a transfer to Liverpool. He ended up playing 27 games for the Reds, also making three Champions League appearances.

In the winter of 2019, Solanke made a huge move to Bournemouth for around £20m. His development at Bournemouth was impressive. Solanke shows his potential again during the current season, by scoring 18 goals in 26 Championship matches so far. According to our data and his Player Level, Solanke is ready for his next step.

The Top-Down analysis below shows the perfect fit according to his current level, which includes some big clubs. What is also crucial to consider making a transfer, is to which level you make that next step. Looking at Solanke, Chelsea and Liverpool's levels were too high compared to his Player Level. This led to fewer playing minutes, which meant he did not develop greatly as he did afterwards at Bournemouth. With smaller steps between those absolute greats, Solanke could still grow towards that level in the future, while playing and developing constantly.

When a player wants to take the next step it is important to analyse if the playing style of the player fits into the team that is interested. When you have to play a different role than what suits you best, your chances to perform at your best level decrease. Looking at Solanke, he is at a crucial age to make that important step in his development.

When we look at the Top-Down and Bottom-Up analysis combined, we see some interesting matches. FC Porto for example could be a great next step for Solanke, considering his current level and playing style at Bournemouth currently match up with that of the Portuguese club. Below the conclusion is added, with the top 5 clubs, Solanke will fit best according to our data.

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