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Transfer Gideon Mensah to Bordeaux

Yesterday FC Girondins Bordeaux announced the signing of Gideon Mensah from RB Salzburg. Gideon will join Bordeaux on a season-long loan deal, with the option to sign a permanent contract at the end of the season. Last month his agency, HC Talent Group, asked us to make a full report for Gideon, and one of the clubs we recommended for a possible transfer was Bordeaux.

Below you can see our top-down transfer analysis that is included in our full report. The top-down analysis takes all previous transfers made by left-backs with similar characteristics into account.

With the use of advanced statistical methods, we are able to predict the likelihood of a possible transfer to each club. For the analysis below, we took all clubs from the selected European competitions into consideration.

Top-Down Transfer Analysis

If Gideon Mensah wants to maximize his Player Level in the long run, it is important for him to make the right decision. A transfer to a club with an average Player Level of around 2349 would fit best for him. In the table above we can see that Bordeaux takes 3rd place in the top-down analysis.

Congratulations to Gideon Mensah & HC Talent Group for the transfer to Bordeaux!

It has been great working with you Kwasi Siaw, and we look forward to keep working together in the future.

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