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We have a brand-new year full of football stories ahead of us. To start with that we are in the middle of a transfer window. Talking about transfers, it’s time for a new update about the development of our new platform Present Your Player.

In the past nine months we have been talking to countless figures within the world of football to talk about our concept of Present Your Player. Present Your Player has to simplify and automate offering players towards clubs using parameters of the clubs. This way a player can be judged with just one overview based on general, financial and football event data.

Most of the clubs and agencies we’ve spoken to are very positive. They experience that the current situation is very unstructured and there is made use of too many different channels. Based on several conversations with clubs, federations, agencies and other stakeholders within the world of football, we have been working hard on the first workable version of our platform.

This version has to become available in spring 2022 for clubs and agencies. Most of the clubs we’ve spoken to are willing to participate during the first test phase. About this, there will come an update soon!

If you have any further questions, ideas or other feedback about our new platform, you can contact us via +31 621447574 of

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