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Ferdy Druijff to KV Mechelen: the right step based on data-analysis?

On July 25th, Ferdy Druiff played with his current club, KV Mechelen, against Royal Antwerp. It was the season opener for KV Mechelen in the Jupiler Pro League. 56 minutes into the game KV Mechelen found itself 2 goals down, however after an own goal and 2 quick goals from Ferdy Druiff they managed to clinch the win in the end.

Druijf is currently on loan at KV Mechelen from his original club AZ Alkmaar. After a slow start at the club, he finally found his rhythm and will also stay on loan at KV Mechelen for next season.

Top-down transfer analysis

In July 2020 we made a top-down analysis for Ferdy Druijf. In this analysis, we looked at the best club option for Druiff based on his current Player Level and the average team level op targeted clubs. Our analysis told us that Druijf had to move to a club with an average Player Level of 2021.

top-down transfer analysis July 2020

The table above is the top-down analysis we made last year, and KV Mechelen came forward as the 4th best club for Druijf to develop himself.

Player Level development

We have just looked at the top-down transfer analysis of Druijf, and we concluded that Druijf has to move to a club with a Player Level of around 2021 to further develop himself.

Player performance development July 2020

In the graph above, we can see the Player Level development of Druijff from last year July. We see that AZ had an average team level of around 2500 and Druijf had a Player Level of around 1300. We can also see that his Player Level was dropping at AZ, mainly because of the lack of playing time at the club.

The graph below is the one we made recently and it is about a year older than the one shown above. We see that the average Player Level of KV Mechelen is a bit lower compared to AZ, however, this has allowed Druijf to fight for his place in the starting eleven. In the graph below, we instantly see this result as the Player Level of Druijf is rising quickly. His Player Level is now higher than ever and if he continues like this he will be ready for a new step in his career at the end of the season.

Player performance development July 2021


After his rough period at AZ, Druijf went on loan to KV Mechelen. At first, the step to Mechelen might not seem that interesting as they are a worse team, however, a step like this will allow a player more playing time at the club. Above we have seen how well this worked for Druijf going from a Player Level of 1300 to a Player level of around 1600. The article shows us how important it is for a player to make the right step in his career at the right moment. Playing at KV Mechelen allows Druijf to develop himself in ways he would not have been able to do at AZ.

We look forward to the development of Druijf during his full season at KV Mechelen. We are very interested in how his Player Level will develop, if he will be ready for the next step after this season, and what that step will be.

Do you also have a player that is looking to develop himself and get more playing time? Make sure to contact us so we can discuss how your player can make the right decision.

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