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The perfect example of how to get your degree, at FACTS Consultancy

Graduating with a ten, Christiaan succeeded in doing this. In the last part of his study, he did research for FACTS Consultancy in how they could help football clubs in the Benelux the best. The result was excellent. In this blog, we are looking back at his intern period at FACTS together with Christiaan.

Christiaan studied Sportmarketing & Management at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. It’s the same study that Co-founders of FACTS, Timon van Bruggen and Wytse Ligtvoet, completed a few years ago. The objective from his school for his last internship was as followed: create a real end product. The process was heavy, with a lot of difficult and challenging situations. Christiaan got to know the hard football world very soon. ‘’A good example is planning a meeting with a technical director of with clubs. During my graduation period, it seemed that it was always difficult to reach them.’’ Christiaan said.

Also, he got to know himself a little bit better during this period. He was forced to call or message people to plan a meeting. ‘’My communication skills have gotten way better because I was just forced to call or message a technical director or a scout from a club’’. This is why Christiaans’ perseverance got tested and developed during his internship.

Christiaan: ‘’Luckily I was being guided very well. Wytse, Timon, Gijs and Robert could share their experiences with me’’. The ex-intern says that FACTS helped him in learning how the process from an idea to a real end product goes. But they also helped him in building up a network.

The best part in the whole process? For Christiaan it was the tests of the prototype at football clubs. They even could enjoy a game of Heracles Almelo when they went there for a meeting!

But what was the end result he worked on? It was the platform Present Your Player. A platform that is going to be launched soon. It should make it easier and time-saving for technical directors of clubs to find a good player that fits with their club. The reason for this platform is that a technical director is calling with agents for 80% of his working days. All those agents are shooting buck shots for their players at clubs because they often do not get a response. Present Your Player filters the data of players for a club. This is why only the players that fit the best to the needs of a football club will remain.

Now Christiaan is working at Usportfor, a company that delivers automatic camera systems at clubs. He is responsible for their marketing. Christiaan will certainly recommend an internship at FACTS. He is enthusiastic when he starts the onboarding day where all the new interns are welcomed. ‘’Especially if you like football or sports I would recommend it. It increases your network in this industry. Next to that, it is also a very fun and cozy team!’’.

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