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The next step for FACTS

Dear friends of FACTS,

As another exciting transfer window has ended, a new period of FACTS has just started. In November 2019, we started immediately with selling our data analysis to player agents, in a simple but effective way. This has grown to more than 50 agents in more than ten countries across the world. Now it is time for a new phase of FACTS, in which we want to expand our services to the whole world of football. FACTS is more than a football data & consultancy company. We stand for integrity, knowledge and strive for extensive partnership. We are consulting more than 50 partners in ten different countries with helping them to make the right choice. We are looking forward to having more exclusive partnerships with a long-term relationship.

Our new logo is inspired by our love for football and consultancy. The openness of the mark represents energy, speed and movement. We empower football clubs and players to reach their full potential.

FACTS will stay focused on the Player Consultancy for Agents, where we help the agent to see how his players are developing and what could be the best next step for his players’ career. In addition to this service, we would like to also help players directly with their development.

In the coming weeks, you will read more about our newest idea for clubs: Present Your Player. We did some trials during this window, with varied successes and are now working to improve the final details. However, the majority of agents and clubs were very enthusiastic, while this tool can help both clubs and agents with saving enormous costs and time and will give an overview during the crazy transfer window.


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