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The Liga Dimayor

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The Liga Dimayor produces some of the world's best talents, with the likes of James Rodríguez and Davinson Sánchez. Today the Liga Dimayor houses a lot of new upcoming talents that are ready to play in Europe.

This week FACTS looked at the most promising talents under 21 in the Colombian league. We selected 5 young and promising talents that are ready for a new challenge. Using advanced statistical and video analyses FACTS determined the current player level and play style of the 5 promising talents.

Name: Jaminton Campaz

Player Level: 2495

Club: Deportes Tolima

Position: Central attacking midfielder/winger

Foot: Left

Age: 20 years

International: Colombia U17 (former)

Caps/goals: 13/3

Contract expiring: 30/06/2022

Characteristics: Good left foot with a great cross to the goal area, good passing and his technique as well. When he lost the ball he show some aggressiveness. Not so fast for his position and can work on his agility.

Name: Santiago Moreno

Player Level: 2413

Club: América de Cali

Position: (right) Winger

Foot: Left

Age: 20

International: -

Contract expiring: 31/12/2023

Characteristics: Fast player with a lot of draft without ball. Helps his team a lot in defending when he needs. Need to work on play with the ball in small spaces.

Name: Pablo Antonio Ortiz Cabezas

Player Level: 2388

Club: América de Cali

Position: Central defender

Foot: Left

Age: 20

International: Colombia

Caps/goals: 0/0

Contract expiring: -

Characteristics: Physical player, strong in personal duels and good with his head. Hard worker and real defender. Need to work on his passing. No graph available

Name: Emerson Rodríguez

Player Level: 2376

Club: Millonarios

Position: Winger

Foot: Right

Age: 20

Caps/goals: -

Contract expiring: 31/12/2023

Characteristics: Fast player that use his speed also a lot without ball. His technique is okay and he keep his overview on the ball. Has a great forward dribble. He needs to work on his physical to be stronger on his personal duels and to be a complete player.

Name: Fabián Ángel

Player Level: 2193

Club: Junior FC

Position: Central defensive midfielder

Foot: Right

Age: 20

International: Colombia U20

Caps/ goals: 0/0

Contract expiring: 30/06/2022

Characteristics: Really calm on the ball and divide the ball on both sides. Good view of the game. Not so fast but good tackle on the ball when he needs.

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