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The best progressive runners of the 2.Bundesliga

Players who can create an attack for the team almost on their own, with dribbles forward, are essential for a team. We highlight those players in the 2. Bundesliga this week. These players are taking the initiative to drag their team forward and often show the quality of their runs and dribbles. For example, Frenkie de Jong excelled with these progressive runs in Ajax’s incredible 2019 Champions League campaign, before signing for FC Barcelona.

To explain the progressive runs a bit more, the database qualifies a run as ‘progressive’ if a single player continuous his run with the ball 30 meters forward on his own half, 15 meters forward starting on his own half and finishing on the opponents’ half or when a player dribbles 10 meters starting and finishing on the opponents’ half.

Fabian Reese – Holstein Kiel

The 24-year-old Reese consistently shows his urge to go forward to the opponents’ goal by making his progressive runs. Therefore, the left-winger is the leader of this list, with 4.64 progressive runs per 90 minutes. The right-footed player has played in 17 matches for Holstein Kiel so far this competition, who are now placed 12th in the 2. Bundesliga.

Mats Møller Dæhli – Nürnberg

The 26-year-old Norwegian is placed second in the list of progressive runners, with an average of 4.41 progressive runs per 90 minutes. Møller Dæhli is a quick dribbler who can play as an attacking midfielder or winger, and is directly involved in nearly a quarter of Nürnberg’s goal production this season, who are placed 5th at the moment.

Kristoffer Peterson - Fortuna Düsseldorf

The 27-year-old Peterson is a left-winger playing for Fortuna Düsseldorf. The Swedish player is placed third on this list, with an average of 4.36 progressive runs per 90 minutes. Peterson, who once played for youth teams of Liverpool and several teams in the Dutch Eredivisie, likes to show his dribbling ability and wants to take his team forward, which gives him the top-3 spot on the list.

Konrad Faber – Jahn Regensburg

The 24-year-old Faber is the number four of this list, making 3.93 progressive runs per 90 minutes this season. The multifunctional German player played in 17 games for Jahn Regensburg so far this season, in which he gave three assists. Jahn Regensburg is now placed 8th in the 2. Bundesliga.

Benjamin Goller – SV Darmstadt 98

The 22-year-old Goller, who is on loan from Werder Bremen this season, is placed 5th on this list with an average of 3.81 progressive runs per 90 minutes. The right winger played in 11 matches so far this season for Darmstadt, the current number two of the 2. Bundesliga.

Nicolas Kühn - Erzgebirge Aue

The youngest player on our list, is the 21-year-old Kühn. The fast left-footed winger has an average of 3.81 progressive runs per 90 minutes, which shows he likes to dribble and go 1-on-1 with his opponent. Kühn has played for Ajax’s second team before going to the second team of Bayern München, who now loaned him to Erzgebirge Aue until the end of the season.

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