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The Best Dribblers in Keuken Kampioen Divisie

Last week we checked the biggest talents from the original Keuken Kampioen Divisie Teams, the second tier of the Netherlands. This week we take a closer look at some exceptional qualities in this competition, starting off with dribbling. Dribbling is an essential part of the game of football. Every team needs the quality to create chances, and the players who create space for themselves or others.

Who are the players that make that difference and give their team that extra level of creativeness with their dribbles? And what are the percentages of successful dribbles in comparison to the ones that go wrong?

We did an analysis to determine who the best dribblers of the second tier of the Netherlands are this season, and what kind of success rate they have.

Most dribbles per 90 minutes

Jearl Margaritha The 21 years old winger from TOP Oss has the most dribbles in the competition so far, with an average of 11,7 dribbles per 90 minutes. This brings him to a success rate of 45,30%. Margaritha played in 15 of the 18 matches played by TOP Oss so far this competition.

Bryan Michael Limbombe Ekango The 20 years old Belgian player Limbombe is with 10,41 dribbles per 90 minutes the player with the second highest number of dribbles this season. This right-footed winger has played 14 matches so far this season for Roda JC, who now cover the 8th place. Limbombe’s dribbling has a success rate of 55,65%, which gives him a spot amongst the better dribblers in the competition. He also combined his dribbling with 4 goals already this season.

Ibrahim El Kadiri The 19 years old talent El Kadiri plays as a left winger for FC Volendam. This quick dribbler is not afraid to go 1vs1 with his opponents, as he has an impressive 10,33 dribbles per 90 minutes this season. He played 14 games so far. The success rate of his dribbles in those 14 games is 45,40%.

Highest Dribbling Succes Rate

Boyd Reith The 22 years old right back is the most successful dribbler so far this season, with an impressive 74,51% success rate on his dribbles. He played in all 18 games for Helmond Sport this competition, and with this dribbling stat he can surely be named a key player for the team. Dribbles per 90 minutes: 2,66

Amar Ćatić The 22 years old Ćatić is the winger with the highest success rate in terms of dribbling. Ćatić has a success rate of 66,04% on his dribbles this season, in which he has played 17 games for ADO Den Haag so far. He has combined his impressive dribbling with 4 goals and 6 assists so far this competition. Dribbles per 90 minutes: 3,44

Yassine Zakir The 24 years old Zakir is placed in the top-10 with an impressive success rate of 63,41% over all his dribbles this season. Especially when you see that it is his first season as a professional player. In this debut season for Telstar, he already played 15 games as a right back or wingback so far. Dribbles per 90 minutes: 5,54

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