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The benefits of Present Your Player

The biggest pain of a Sporting Director during his work is to answer all messages, emails, phone calls of agents that are proposing players to his club. Of course, it is not that the agent is annoying, or not friendly, but the huge number of agents that are trying to propose players cause that a Sporting Director is spending too much time of responding instead of managing his scouting team and make deals for the club. Another pain for a Sporting Director is that he is putting effort and time in scouting a proposed player and that afterwards he will be confronted that the player is actually not feasible.

On the other hand, the current Football Agents also have several issues in their work. One of them is a lack of response from the club side. A result of this is that agents will spray more with buck shots instead of looking for a club that exactly fits to the player. Another issue is the lack of information in other countries. For example, an English agent has no network in the second division of The Netherlands and will miss the request of a club that is looking for a central defender, which would have been a perfect fit with his player. Agents will be more focused on clubs that they actually have a network with, which limits them in their options to present their player.

With Present Your Player, we tried to solve abovementioned problems, by making a survey-based platform, where we match the needs of clubs together with the data and information of a player. In this way, clubs can filter out 80 per cent of presented players based on their needs and the Sporting Director and scouting team can focus on the feasibility and interesting 20 per cent of all proposed players.

Our mission is to become the networker between the right player and a club that is looking for that player. A club will receive a proposed player always in the same way. The agent needs to fill in some questions to propose a player. Questions that the agent needs to fill in can cover all kinds of criteria: age, salary indication, transfer fee, qualities, spoken language, current club. On the backend we can match your club’s player profiles with the proposed player. This can be done on the mentioned criteria and parameters. Once a week, you will receive all players that were presented to your club and that were as tributed in goodness of fit to your club. During the summer window, we did trials with multiple Eredivisie and international teams, with different successes. One of the issues we faced during those trials was the base of support this needs to have in a football organization. Only if the whole scouting team supports this way of working, Present Your Player can be the perfect CRM-system for a football club. Therefore, unfortunately not all agents got a response during this window. However, we can assure you that every player that was proposed through Present Your Player was checked by all clubs very seriously.

What is the next step for Present Your Player?

In the coming months, we will focus on the launch of our platform, which will give more overview of all presented players for clubs, and for agents to see what players they presented to which club. Our aim is to launch this platform before 2022 starts.

In the coming weeks we have planned a lot of talks with clubs to discuss the benefits of a structured platform for your football club. Are you interested in Present Your Player? Please call our Manager Present Your Player Timon van Bruggen (+31 6 21 44 75 74) or an email to to make an appointment.

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