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Is Atalanta Bergamo a good next step for Teun Koopmeiners?

After going through all the youth teams at AZ, Teun Koopmeiners joined the first team back in 2017. The young talent has now played four seasons in the main team and is getting ready for the next step in his career. In the past weeks, Koopmeiners has been strongly linked to a potential transfer towards Atalanta Bergamo.

Last year we made a transfer analysis for Koopmeiners and in this short article, we take a look at his report back then and any big differences that occurred in the meantime. We will start by looking at this development and then look at which clubs would suit him best.

Player Level Development

The graph below shows the Player Level of Koopmeiners in comparison with AZ at this moment. We can see that the Player Level of Koopmeiners is far above the average team level of AZ, this is one of the indicators that a player is ready for the next step. Koopmeiners is still only 23 years old and has a lot of potential, so to fully develop himself, he needs to move to a better club where he has the room to grow.

Player performance development June 2020

The current Player Level of Koopmeiners is around 3000, which means he gained approximately 100 points last season.

Top-Down: Transfer Analysis

The first step of our transfer analysis is the top-down analysis. In this comparison, we take the current Player Level of Koopmeiners, which was 2928 last year. Our top-down analysis always looks at clubs where the average player level is higher than the targeted player. This is to ensure that the player has enough room at a new club to grow as a player.

Top-Down analysis March 2020

The above analysis is the one that we did one year ago for Koopmeiners and we see that Atalanta took first place. This week we made a new comparison to see if Atalanta would still take the first place. Below you can find the new top-down analysis we made for Koopmeiners.

Top-Down analysis June 2021

This time we find Atalanta in 10th place instead of 1st place, this is explained by the fact that the average Player Level of Atalanta grew more than the Player Level of Koopmeiners. In the same period, the average Player Level of Atalanta went up by about 400. This means that Atalanta is still a great step forward for Koopmeiners and definitely a club where he can develop himself further.

Bottom-Up: Transfer Analysis

The next step of our transfer analysis is the bottom-up analysis. In the bottom-up, we look at the playing style of Koopmeiners and the clubs. This will result in a top 10 with clubs that play similar to Koopmeiners and AZ.

Bottom-Up analysis March 2020

We also made the bottom-up analysis again and we saw that none of the teams stayed the same. Some factors can explain this as we look at the playing style in the bottom-up analysis. At the end of last year, AZ fired coach Arne Slot and his assistant took over for the remainder of the season. This probably meant that AZ started to play differently than under Arne Slot, which explains why the bottom-up analysis is so different.

Combined Transfer Analysis

To conclude our transfer analysis we make a combined transfer analysis. In the analysis, we combine the average Player Level and playing style of the potential clubs. The combined analysis shows the clubs which would be the best fit for Koopmeiners.

Conclusion transfer analysis March 2020

In the combined transfer analysis we made last year Atalanta was among the top 5 clubs that would be the best fit for Koopmeiners. When we made the combined transfer analysis again this week it showed that Atalanta fell just outside the top 10. This is mostly due to the bottom-up analysis where Atalanta dropped a lot because AZ started playing differently under a new coach.


When we made the report last year it was clear that Atalanta was one of the best clubs for Koopmeiners to move to and the past few weeks he has been linked heavily to the club as well. According to the top-down analysis, it will still be a great step for Koopmeiners regarding his Player Level. The bottom-up analysis from last year also showed us that Koopmeiners has played similarly to how Atalanta is currently playing.

In the end, Atalanta will be a great step for Koopmeiners where he can further develop himself. We wish Koopmeiners the best of luck at Atalanta if he ends up signing for the club.

Do you have a player that is ready for the next step in his career and do you want to know which clubs would be best suited for him? Make sure to contact us so we can discuss how we can also help your player make the right transfer.

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