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Success case Jelle Bataille

A couple of days ago Royal Antwerp FC announced the signing of Jelle Bataille from KV Oostende. In March this year, we made a report for ISM Antwerp about Jelle, and one of the clubs that we recommended as a fit was Royal Antwerp FC.

We are happy to see that we were able to help Jelle to choose a new club that would be the most suitable for him. In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at the different elements of our transfer analysis.

FACTS transfer analysis

At FACTS we can make a transfer analysis report for players that are ready for the next step in their career but aren't sure which club would fit them best. In our analysis, we look at the following aspects.

  1. Top-down transfer analysis

  2. Bottom-up transfer analysis

  3. Combined transfer analysis

  4. Player comparison

All four of these aspects will be further explained below, where we will also give you some insight into how they look and how they can be used.

Top-down transfer analysis

We start with a top-down transfer analysis, in this comparison we look at the current Player Level of the targeted player. In this case, we compared Jelle Bataille who currently has a Player Level of 2224, with clubs that have an average Player Level of 2644. The average Player Level of the clubs is higher in this case because Jelle is a young and upcoming talent with a lot of room for improvement. To maximize his player level in the long run, it is important for him to play in a better team which will allow him to improve more. If the difference in Player Level is too small he will not have the room he needs to further develop himself.

In the top-down analysis below, we compared 10 clubs that would be the best fit for Jelle based on his current Player Level. One of the clubs on the list is indeed Royal Antwerp FC, and just a few days ago it was announced that Jelle made a transfer to Royal Antwerp FC.

Bottom-up transfer analysis

After making an analysis based on player level, it is now time to analyze another important aspect when choosing the right club. In our bottom-up analysis, we take a look at the playing style of the targeted player and his current club, in this case, Jelle Bataille and KV Oostende.

In the table above we can see the 10 clubs that are best suited for Jelle based on their playing style and regardless of their average Player Level.

Combined transfer analysis

The last part of our full transfer analysis is our combined analysis. The combined analysis combines the average Player Level and playing style of the potential clubs. This allows us to determine which clubs would be the best fit for the player for a potential move.

Player comparison

Now that we have made a combined transfer analysis we can compare Jelle to the current right-backs of the top 10 clubs. Below we can see the full top 10 and the player from each club that will be compared with Jelle. In 9th place, we find Royal Antwerp FC, the club that Jelle ended up making a transfer to.

The 10 players shown above will be put into the different scatter plots, so we can compare the stats of Bataille against his peers. Below you can see an example of a scatter plot that is shown in the report. In the scatter plot we can see that Bataille performs way better in clearances and sliding tackles compared to his rival at Royal Antwerp FC.


When we made the report for Jelle we recommended Royal Antwerp FC as one of the clubs for a potential move. Just a few days ago it was announced that Jelle made a transfer to Royal Antwerp FC. We are delighted that both parties showed a great amount of interest and that our report helped Jelle to make this transfer.

Do you have a player that is ready for the next step in his career and do you want to know which clubs would be best suited for him? Make sure to get in contact with us so we can discuss how we can also help your player to make the right transfer.

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