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Matthew Ryan - Real Sociedad

Yesterday, Real Sociedad completed the signing of Mathew Ryan from Brighton on a two-year deal, with the possibility to extend an extra year. His agent (agency) Mikkel Beck (Beckster International) asked us to make a club report where we looked if Mathew Ryan would fit into the team of Real Sociedad.

The report for Ryan was made two weeks ago. In this short article, we will start by comparing his Player Level against the average Player Level of goalkeepers of the top leagues. After this, we will show you a quick comparison between Ryan and the current goalkeeper of Real Sociedad, and we will close it off by showing our top-down analysis.

Player Level development

We start by comparing the Player Level of Ryan against the average Player Level of goalkeepers in the top leagues.

The graph above shows that the Player Level of Ryan is far above the average Player Level of goalkeepers from any of the top leagues. This shows us that Ryan is a top-level goalkeeper.

Saves vs percentage with reflex

In the original report, we showed multiple scatterplots where we compared Ryan against the current goalkeeper of Real Sociedad. In the scatterplot below we can see that there is a big difference between the two goalkeepers when it comes to saves vs percentage with a reflex. Ryan has a higher number of saves, while Remiro has a higher number of saves with a reflex.

The higher number of normal saves indicates that the positioning of Ryan in the goal is better because he doesn't have to make a sudden reflex to make a save. Remiro does have a percentage of saves with a reflex and this could be due to his younger age, which makes him a bit more athletic compared to Ryan.

Top-Down Transfer Analysis

In our top-down transfer analysis, we take all transfers made by goalkeepers with similar characteristics as Mathew Ryan into consideration. Using advanced statistical methods, we can predict the likelihood of success for a transfer to each club. We took all the clubs of the selected competitions in Europe into consideration.

The top-down analysis shows us that Real Sociedad would be a fit for Ryan based on his current Player Level. His move to Real Sociedad allows him to keep developing himself.


We made this report to find out if Real Sociedad would be a good next step for Mathew Ryan. The results show us that this is indeed the case.

Congratulations to Mathew Ryan & Mikkel Beck for the transfer to Real Sociedad.

Mikkel Beck has been one of our key partners for a very long time, it is always a pleasure to work with you and we are looking forward to a very bright future together.

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