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Lucas Digne - Aston Villa the perfect fit?

This week, Lucas Digne has made an interesting transfer from Everton to Aston Villa. To support our partner Beckster International, we made a Club Report for the possible transfer of Lucas Digne to Aston Villa, to see if there was a potential fit between Digne and Aston Villa.

The analysis showed that Lucas Digne has seen a very impressive development during his career. It started with an incredible rise at the beginning of his career at Lille. He went through a stable rising development later at PSG and AS Roma. His Player Level started to drop during his period at FC Barcelona due to lack of playing time. Therefore, it was a smart decision to move to Everton, where his Player Level started to rise again and he reached an absolute peak. Right now, his Player Level was above the Average Player Level of Everton.

Based on our data analysis, we could conclude that Digne belonged to Everton’s top 3 most valuable according to Player Level. Before the clash with Everton coach Rafa Benitez, Digne's Player Level was 4153, but this was reduced because of a lack of playing time. With his Player Level of October taken into consideration, his Player Level would be the highest in the squad of Aston Villa. At this moment, the left-back will be part of the top-7 most valuable players according to Player Level. This means that, besides the fact that Aston Villa is currently above Everton at the Premier League table, the data shows also that Aston Villa is a step up for the Frenchman. Therefore, we want to congratulate Lucas Digne and his management for this great transfer!

The 28-year-old left-back is at the peak of his career. This is reflected in the scatters we made based on data analysis. We compared Digne to several Aston Villa backs. When it comes to winning (aerial) duels, Digne scores the very best. For that matter, he is a great catch for The Villans. In attacking, Digne is a good addition to the Villa selection as well. Especially his crosses are impressive, last season he provided seven assists. Will he be able to do that again for Villa?

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