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Luc Castaignos 🤝 FACTS Consultancy

Today we had a meeting with former Internazionale Milano & Feyenoord player Luc Castaignos. Luc reached out to us after reading our blog about Teun Koopmeiners and after seeing we also had a meeting with one of his friends Lars ten Teije.

We talked with Castaignos about his player development and showed him in which areas he can improve even more. We also made our transfer analysis for Castaignos and showed him which clubs would be the best fit for a possible transfer.

Shots vs percentage on target

One of the areas in which Castaignos can improve is his overall shots and how often they are on goal. We talked about this with him during our meeting and gave our insights into how he can improve this in the future. During our call he said the following about FACTS:

"FACTS provides me with insights into how I can improve and develop myself as a player. They do this in a constructive way which makes it easy for me to understand all the data that is being presented."

Another thing we discussed with Castaignos was the transfer analysis we made. Below we will show you the combined analysis. In our combined analysis, we combine the average Player Level and playing style of the potential clubs. The analysis shows us which clubs would be the best fit for Luc Castaignos.

The combined transfer analysis shows us that Go Ahead Eagles and RKC Waalwijk would both be a good next step for Luc Castaignos. We also see two german clubs in the transfer analysis, so the German league would also be a good option for Castaignos. During our call, Castaignos agreed with the options we showed him. Overall it was a great meeting with Castaignos and we look forward to his development and next steps.

Are you ready for the next step in your career and do you want to know which clubs would suit you best? Make sure to contact us so we can discuss how we can also help your player make the right transfer.

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