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Joey Veerman - what is his market value?

In the last few weeks, Joey Veerman has been heavily linked with Hellas Verona and Rangers Football Club. The 22-year-old midfielder from SC Heerenveen has made clear that he wants to leave the clubs this summer, as he wants a new challenge elsewhere.

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SC Heerenveen asked for a transfer fee of €10-12 million for the midfielder. This fee seems on the high side as Hellas Verona offered €5,5 million & the Rangers offered €4,5 million. Veerman himself has also said the asking price of SC Heerenveen is too high for the current state of the transfer market and no club will have that kind of money. In this article, we will look at the player development of Joey Veerman and look at the transfer fees of similar players.

Player development

To start we will look at the Player Level development of Joey Veerman. In the graph below we can see that Veerman is around the average team level of SC Heerenveen which currently is 1671. The average team level of both Hellas Verona as the Rangers is much higher, which will allow Veerman to develop himself.

Transfer fees

To find out if the asking price of €10 million is good, we compared Veerman against four players with similar age, position, team, and contract duration that made a transfer this summer.

The table above shows that the lowest transfer fee was €7 million and the highest was €10 million. However below we can see the Veerman has the lowest Player Level and that his Player Level is 408 points lower compared to Niklas Dorsch. This is a significant difference in Player Level compared to Veerman and Niklas made a transfer from KAA Gent to FC Ausburg for €7 million.


SC Heerenveen is asking for €10-12 million for Veerman, but after looking at all the available data we can only come to one simple conclusion. The transfer fee SC Heerenveen is asking is way too high, as Veerman himself also said in an interview with VI. Players with a higher Player Level transferred for €7 million, so we expect clubs to pay €5-7 million euros for Veerman.

It will be interesting to see if SC Heerenveen will lower their asking price and allow Veerman to leave the club or hold him to his contract, which expires in 2024. Keeping Veerman at SC Heerenveen for another year would not be an ideal situation for the club either, as he would be less happy overall and his value might even drop below the €5-7 million range that clubs would be willing to pay now.

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