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Deadline Day recap: transfer approved?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Yesterday was the last day that clubs can sign players for their club. However most clubs have already succeeded in strengthening their squad, some clubs still did not. This is why Deadline Day always produces some fireworks on the market. In this blog, we analyze some deals that were clinched during the day and see if the new club is the right step for this player.

Wout Weghorst – Burnley

Burnley has a new number nine. After 3,5 years 29-years-old Wout Weghorst leaves Vfl Wolfsburg for Premier-League club Burnley. The physical striker joins number 18 of the Premier League on a permanent deal with a transfer fee of around €14.5 million. He may make his debut upcoming Saturday in the Premier League match between another low-ranked team Watford. Can he help Burnley to avoid relegation?

Let us analyse if this transfer is approved or not. Before we take a look at the data, we can already conclude that the physical playing style of Weghorst fits perfectly with English football. He has a Player Level of 3326. This is better than the average Player Level of Burnley, which is 3174. This means that according to Player Level, Weghorst will probably be a starter at his new club. This is why this transfer is approved.

Denis Zakaria – Juventus

Juventus is making extra hours on the market in the last couple of days. After the signing of Vlahović for a minimum fee of €70 million, they strike again on Deadline day with the signing of Denis Zakaria. Cost: around €7 million. The 25-years old midfielder is normally worth much more, but since he was running out of his contract upcoming summer, Juventus made a good deal for less. He will sign until summer 2026.

So after 146 official matches for Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Swiss international will now leave Germany for football-giant Juventus. Will this step be a good one or is Zakaria too ambitious?

Denis Zakaria has a Player Level of 3189. This is almost on the same level as the club he is leaving, Borussia Mönchengladbach (3253). The average Player Level of Juventus is 4019.

This means the step from a starter at Borussia Mönchengladbach to a club as Juventus can be a dangerous one. Because the chances of not playing at Juventus are fairly high, this transfer is not approved. However, he can grow towards this level in the coming six months.

Emanuel Emegha – Royal Antwerp

Emegha made his debut for the first squad when he was only 17 years old. He is the seventh youngest debut-maker in history for Sparta. He also already played seven games for the Dutch U19 squad in which he scored five times.

Now, 39 games and three goals later, Sparta’s youth product is already leaving the club. The 18-years-old striker signed at Royal Antwerp on Deadline day. It will be a big step for him. Not only a bigger club but also a new surrounding in another country. But based on data, is it a good step for the youngster?

Emanuel Emegha currently has a Player Level of 1183. The average Player Level of Royal Antwerp is 2570. This means that the difference between Emegha’s Player Level and the level of Royal Antwerp is 1387. It’s safe to say that Emanuel Emegha has a lot of talent and of course, he is still very young, so maybe he will surprise everyone at his new club. But given the fact that playing games is key at such a young age and he played a lot at Sparta, It is a risk to go club with a very high Team Level. This is why the transfer is not approved, but Emegha can prove the difference!

Tanguy Ndombele – Olympique Lyonnais

The 25-years-old midfielder returns to his home country after quite a disappointing time at Tottenham. After he left Lyon in the summer of 2019 for a fee of €60 million, he played 63 Premier League games for ‘the Spurs’, in which he scored six goals and had five assists. He mostly came in from the bench and was nOt even on it in the last couple of games. That is why he decided to leave on a half-year loan deal. Is this transfer to Lyon approved? Let us take a look.

Tanguy Ndombele has a Player Level of 3464. The average Player Level of Lyon is 3484. This means the difference between the Player Level of Ndombele and Lyon is just 20 points. This is why this step for Ndombele is a great one. This transfer is more than approved.

Donny van de Beek – Everton

After the step from Ajax, where Van de Beek was one of the star players of the 2018/2019 Champions League season, to Manchester United, his development flattened. In the one-and-a-half year at the club, he just played 27 games in the Premier League. In those 27 games, he just played 579 minutes, which comes down to a little bit more than 20 minutes a game on average. This lack of playing time even resulted in not being called up for the Dutch squad for the Euros in 2021.

For a young player like Donny van de Beek (only 24 years old), it Is not ideal to sit on the bench. Is Everton a good step back for him?

The Player Level of Donny van de Beek is currently at 3124. This is much lower than the average Player Level of Manchester United (4455). With Everton, he takes a step down, but the average is still above the Player Level of Donny van de Beek. The average Player Level of Everton is 3483.

The step to Everton is a good one for Van de Beek because the difference between his Player Level and the average Player level of his new club is much smaller than his former club. This is why this transfer is approved.

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