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Approved transfers: how are they performing?

The transfer deadline for the window last winter is almost two months ago. We looked at some big transfers that were made on deadline day, which is always an extremely chaotic day for all players and clubs. This day was no exception. Today we are looking back at these transfers: how are they performing at their new club?

Wout Weghorst: from VfL Wolfsburg to Burnley

When this deal was clinched, everyone was looking forward to seeing Wout Weghorst play in the Premier League. His physical style of play should fit perfectly in this heavyweight competition. And Weghorst does! In his first four games as a Burnley player, he scored one and assisted two. The fans of Burnley loved his work ethic. But now Burnley, and Weghorst as well, are struggling.

Burnley have lost their last 3 games and scored no goals in those games. They are four points below the relegation zone, and with eleven games to go, they have to find back their form quickly. Wout Weghorst as well, because he is already scoreless for five games. Nevertheless, he still got selected for the friendly games of the Dutch squad. Maybe he can find back his form over there. But how does Weghorst score in the case of his Player Level?

When Weghorst left Wolfsburg he had a Player Level of 3326. He was above the Average Team Level of Burnley, which was 3174 back then. Now he has a Player Level of 3498. The Average Team Level of Burnley raised to 3211. It may have increased, but they are still on a relegation spot. With eleven games to go, it will be all or nothing for Burnley and Wout Weghorst.

Denis Zakaria: from Borussia Mönchengladbach to Juventus

Juventus were able to sign Zakaria for (only) €7 million because of his contract extension. We did not approve the transfer because of the high risk of not playing, which would not be good for his development.

Zakaria immediately made an impact on his debut, scoring against Hellas Verona. After that, he played four more games, three of these as a starter. In his last game against Empoli, he got an injury that is holding him up for a month now, but it is expected to see him back on the pitch soon. If that will be the case, he can help Juventus in their hunt for the 'Scudetto' and the Coppa Italia. It will be well needed, given they are seven points behind AC Milan.

Zakaria played some good games but got injured after that. What did this do with his Player Level? When he left Borussia Mönchengladbach, he had a Player Level of 3189. This has grown over the last two months to a Player Level of 3253. He still is quite far away from the Average Team Level of Juventus, which is 3969, but when he is fit he is developing well!

Emanuel Emegha: from Sparta Rotterdam to Royal Antwerp

Because we thought Emanuel Emegha was perfectly at his place at Sparta, it was quite a special move to sign for Royal Antwerp, a top club from Belgium. Based on data, we would not recommend a step to Antwerp.

Unfortunately, Emegha is still waiting to make his debut for the first team of Royal Antwerp. Quite a disappointment, because in the first half of the season he played 21 games for Sparta. Not playing is not good for your development. That is also the case for Emegha. Before his step to Antwerp, he had a Player Level of 1183. This decreased to 1149. This means the gap to the average of Royal Antwerp is not getting much smaller. Royal Antwerp has an Average Team Level of 2484. A lot of work is to be done for Emegha. However, Antwerp bought him most likely for the future.

Tanguy Ndombele: from Tottenham Hotspur to Olympique Lyonnais (loan)

This winter, Ndombele decided to return to the place where he had his big breakthrough. In July 2019 he moved to the Spurs for a fee of around €60 million. Because he did not play as much as he wanted over there, he decided to come back on a half-year loan deal.

At Lyon, he does play a lot more. He only missed two games. Against OGC Nice he gave one assist. Even though he plays more, the Premier League is at a higher level than the Ligue 1. Besides, he did not have that much of an impact at Olympique Lyon. This is why his Player Level decreased from 3464 to 3418. He is a little bit below the Average Team Level of Lyon, which is 3436.

Donny van de Beek: from Manchester United to Everton (loan)

Donny van de Beek did not succeed in fulfilling his potential at Manchester United. In his current season, his playing time was minimal. This is why his step down to Everton was a very good one. It is a lot closer to the Average Team Level than Manchester United was.

Unfortunately, also his period at Everton is not that successful. He played a lot of minutes in his first six games, but after that, he was not selected a few games in a row. In the games that he played, he could not give an impact to the Everton squad, who are fighting against relegation this season.

When Van de Beek left Manchester United, his Player Level was at 3124. His period at Everton did not do this any good, because it has dropped to 3063. With an Average Team Level of 3416 and the playing time he had in the last matches, the gap between Donny van de Beek and Everton looks to get even bigger, unfortunately.

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